Can be used in a wide range of different buildings such as offices, apartments and shopping malls

● ATTRAQUA has a strong surface and can therefore be used with your shoes still on. Therefore it can be used to great success both in residential as well as commercial buildings.
● ATTRAQUA is the ideal flooring material in houses and apartments.
● ATTRAQUA can be removed tile by tile saving both time and money at renovation works.
● ATTRAQUA is quickly becoming the flooring of choice in everything from condominiums to apartments.
● ATTRAQUA is quickly gaining popularity and more and more landlords are requesting to use it in their buildings.

Apartment 【TAR-01】

Apartment 【AR-43】

Apartment 【AR-673】

Apartment 【AR-102】

House 【AR-622】

Hotel 【AR-632、Other all five colors】

School 【TAR-664】

Commercial 【AR-41 / AR-101】

Coffee shop 【AR-631 / AR-673】

Welfare center 【AR-622】

Medical facility 【TAR-672】

Church 【TAR-673】